Every practical shooting enthusiast knows this name: Bob Vogel. An intransigent master of pistol shooting whose technique and style are unmistakable. We are pleased to announce that in 2022 DTF Solutions workshop will be held April 2-3, hosted by Robert Vogel himself.

Robert Vogel is one of the most controversial and effective shooters in the world. His techniques have broken the mold over the years and have found acceptance among many practical shooters - both Mil/LE services and competitors in the most prestigious competitions.

"Bob Vogel Experience" is a two-day workshop, conducted according to the World Class Pistol Skills training program developed by Bob Vogel to improve shooting skills at the highest level. During the workshop, participants will practice techniques developed by Robert and then move on to advanced shooting tasks related to dynamic shooting. In addition to purely technical issues, the workshop will focus on shooting concepts that require the shooter to plan and mentally transform their approach to shooting.

In addition to real life situations and the use of firearms in self-defense, competitive shooting in the form of a competition is one of the best verifiers of skill, which introduces stress and a time factor. That is why Robert Vogel does not divide combat and dynamic shooting into different disciplines, but combines them under the banner of practical shooting, in which the determinants of an accurate shot are properly applied fundamentals. Thanks to that, the training is equally valuable for people who shoot sports, as well as for those training to use a gun in self-defense or those working with firearms on a daily basis.

Attention: The training is conducted in English. To ensure the smooth form of the training, the participants are required to have a communicative level of this language (B1 minimum). In case of doubt, we will help to translate more complex topics.

Equipment requirements - what you need to bring:

  • Safe and functional semi-auto handgun (you can lease on site with ammo and magazines)
  • 700 rounds of ammunition (minimum) (you can buy it on site)
  • 4 magazines for the pistol (minimum)
  • Eyes and ears protection
  • Belt with holster and pouches to carry your equipment



LOCATION: Stone Range - Shooting Range, POLAND

Please fulfill Google Form below to enroll to the course.


Full course price is: 725 EUR

  • Deposit to reserve a spot: 350 EUR
  • Paid on location (in cash): 375 EUR
  • Accomodation (2 nights at hotel + breakfast): additional 150 EUR


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